Starseed Babees


We are here!

In all ages, shapes and forms...

Weaved through the frontlines, backlines and sidelines...

Seeded exactly for these times!

:::Starseed Babees:::

:::9D Afro-Futuristic Dreamcatchers:::

A dedication to our ancient star lineages and galactic collectives


What is a Starseed???

There are many definitions and descriptions floating around including the notion that it is a new-age belief which is why my interpretation doesn't matter. It's about your experience with it. Either the label Starseed resonates or it doesn't. You feel it in your entire being even before looking up what it means. Your unique childhood experiences, your unique perspective of life, your unique journey to awakening & remembrance and the unique soul-mission in your heart, is the only definition you need.


Starseed is a label (an encoded one), but it gives you something to identify with especially if you have been on the quest to answer the questions, "Who Am I?" & "Where do I come from?" & "Why Am I here?" & "How do I contribute?"

I created :::Starseed Babees::: to honor the ones here now (all ages) and especially the future generations of Starseeds to come that hold a higher frequency of light & love in their being... Those who carry the DNA codes that shift the collective consciousness from 3D to 5DThese codes assist in raising the vibration of Mama Earth so that a higher love, peace, harmony, beauty, unity, wholeness, sovereignty, oneness, new ways of being & co-existing... and so much more... can be experienced by humanity. 

 That shift is here and now!



Each :::Starseed Babee::: is hand-crafted with beads, charms, and healing crystals. They also have a specific superpower and chakra activation they bring to earth.





:::S T O R Y W E A V I N G:::

I call these my "9D Afro-Futuristic Dreamcatchers", simply because they come from another place.

9D- A higher dimensional space. A higher truth. A higher frequency of love.

Afro-futuristic-  A deeper inner knowing. A deeper inner truth. The weaving together of Black futures, present and past. 

  The vision for these dreamcatchers came through a dream in June 2019. I was so afraid to create them because it would require me to speak more about my beliefs which is not an easy thing to do when you're use to censoring, editing and suppressing so you don't make others feel uncomfortable; Three big reasons why I initiated a deeper level of healing for myself in 2016. I needed to end this self-abandonment cycle. 

All 2019 I had been experiencing major breakthroughs and at a point in my journey where I was learning more about my mission and why I am here from a much higher perspective. To make a long story short, I reconnected with a truth that resonated in every fiber of my being which expanded my consciousness immensely. This opened the portal for the intense dream to come through, then I was nudged to give the dream a shape. I delayed for a long-time because, well, self-doubt...which is another reason I initiated a deeper level of healing for myself.  


September 2019, I was signed up to table at an annual event I participate in, #myhairmyhealth. I had some creations I planned on selling but I was being guided to change my plan and promote the :::Starseed Babees:::. I still had not created them, still delaying and still caught up in my mind about how I would explain where these Babees came from, especially at an event that had nothing to do with spirituality, higher consciousness or art. I just knew there was not a market for me there but I also knew I had to follow through to prove to myself that I've grown from the self-abandonment wound. This was an internal struggle for me all the way up to the night before the event. That's when the different hairstyles vision came in so that it fit with the event's intention and mission....

And that's when I was inspired to create these....  




Yep, you read that right. The night before...  I only had time to make 4 of them...and threw this flier together to have some sort of info on the table. I know I know, crazy right? The morning of the event I was talking serious mess to myself for procrastinating. If you're a Virgo, you know what that inner dialogue sound like. 

So before leaving the house I gave myself a pep talk

that went a little something like this:

"You're doing this. No you are not fully prepared.

Yes you waited until the last minute. I forgive you. I forgive you for not believing in yourself sooner.

But I'm more proud of you because you're doing it. 

So let's do this!"

I ended up selling 2 of the 4.


 Just imagine how I would've felt if I allowed fear to be bigger than what was in my heart... Definitely not as free as I felt after selling half of my inventory and sharing my story. It's the little wins that count. This little win set me up to table at an even bigger event across the country and soon after, I built even more #courage to display my Babees in two shops.


I am really excited and grateful I finally got the energy to capture this back story in words. Also, inspired to get these Babees online! Below you will find what I have available at this time!

 Feel em' out and go with your intuition!

I will periodically be updating this portal with new Babees so check back in. 


Thank you for your love, sharing and support! 

Side-note from October 2020: I encourage you to research "Afro-futurism" if you're unfamiliar with it. I learned about Afro-futurism through an artist friend's illustrations a few years ago. Shortly after, I came across a Afro-futuristic tarot deck I had my eyes on but never got around to buying

(Manzel Bowman Tarot). 

Then earlier this year my cousin shared an author with me who has been writing books about Afro-futurism since the 90's! (Octavia Butler)

I had been thinking about what category to put these otherworldly dreamcatchers in and it became clear why Afro-futurism was trying to grab my attention over these years so I added it to my description.

Afro-futurism is an overlooked movement and philosophy that I am using my art to bring more awareness and energy to. It's so liberating and beautiful to be connected and know that my work has a place!