REBIRTH | Zalayshia Imintuit x Yishaii | Frameable Puzzle

REBIRTH | Zalayshia Imintuit x Yishaii | Frameable Puzzle


:::What happens when we go within, introspect, confront our shadows, heal the depths of our wounds, and excavate all the old molds and containers we box ourselves in???  


We are forced to sit in the discomfort of our own darkness which allows a symbolic death and deep transformation to take place so that our most authentic self, our highest self, can be born.  


A Rebirth.  


This puzzle is not only for self-care but also for self-empowerment. May it serve as an activation into trusting yourself so deeply that you become exactly who you are meant to be.

  • SIZE

    120 pieces | 8"x11.5"





    Zalayshia Imintuit x Yishaii

    I've collaborated with an artist friend of mine, Jesse Brown or Yishaii, to bring my inner vision of transformation to life. He did just that!


    A note from Yishaii:

    "I'm an illustrator/designer who creates Afrofuturistic/surrealistic art in hopes of inspiring, influencing and uplifting the next artist/creative/entrepreneur to create the world they wish to be in."


    Please allow 1-2 weeks from the time you placed your order for it to arrive.


    If you receive a damaged puzzle or pieces are missing please email at within 15 days of recieving your order.