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Ascension Web


Astrology is another tool and gift from our ancestors to help us innerstand cycles, learn right relationship, heal our wounds, transmute the shadow, integrate a healthy  ego, harmonize our feminine & masculine energies and master our soul's lessons so that we can evolve individually AND collectively.

An important component of astrology is our individual natal chart. The natal chart displays a snapshot of how the planets, asteroids, nodes (and whole lotta other cosmic life) were aligned and in relationship with each other at our time of birth which tells the story of who we are...our past, present and potential through energy forms and archetypes.


~KNOW THYSELF~ Knowing your personal make-up, patterns, cycles and how it relates to everything outside of you is what these webs represent. A sacred piece that captures you. Your multidimensionality. Your story. Your purpose. Your power. Your mission and contribution to humanity. It's also a reminder to be intentional in your self-work because through transforming yourself, you transform everything and everyone around you.

The Ascension Web is a custom made dreamcatcher that holds and protects your personal natal chart. I create these webs to promote self-awareness, to encourage self-healing and to honor your individual path and participation in shifting the collective experience for generations to come.

These webs come from such a meaningful and sacred place. My womb. My heart. My soul. A creation process in which I get to celebrate my own life's journey and all that I've learned over the years. As well as reclaim my highest joy and pleasures through creating for others.  


am super honored, grateful and excited to share this gift with you!

Love & Blessings,






Each web is custom made displaying your personal natal chart and highlighting your main placements. 


Everything in your Ascension Web has historical and spiritual significance. Not only does it display your natal chart, which is meaningful in itself, but it is also a dreamcatcher. 


***I will be simplifying the history below so it is important to do your own research to collect more knowledge because the history is so rich with many extensions that I can't capture all on this page***


Dreamcatchers come from our Indigenous ancestors which hold much meaning,history and wisdom; especially the invaluable teachings of handcrafting skills and story-telling. They knew our dream time is a very powerful time, which opens the portals to other dimensions. When I look at the web of a dreamcatcher I see the fibers (or web) of the universe, which become the fibers of our spirit...which become the fibers of our body... then becomes the fiber of our cells... and how everything is interconnected. A womb within a womb within a womb and it continuous, never-ending. There is this sweet interplay with all these dimensions that  work synergistically together.  Everything is in relationship, and this is what our charts is showing us .


The Cowrie shells in the web are very symbolic of vitality, prosperity, wealth and fertility. They are revered by our African ancestors which carry rich history in commerce, art, healing, divination and spiritual protection.


In the center of the web sits a healing crystal. Healing crystals are gifts from Mama Earth and other planetary collectives which have their own consciousness, healing properties and vibration. They help raise our frequency as well as the frequency of this planet to attune us to more love, peace, higher consciousness and flow. 


All of these elements of the Ascension Web combined together makes it a powerful and protective talisman. 


Opens 11/11


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