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I help women deepen their trust, awareness and connection with their body in preparation for birth. 
I also create art + products inspired by the wisdom, beauty, mystery and magic within our feminine form.
Hey Beautiful Souls,
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20+ years


& Performing Arts


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Having Zaylashia as my doula was a no brainer when it came to my pregnancy, I was about to be a new mother and I had no idea of what was about to happen. Everything kind of happened so fast. My labor was about two hours of pure pain. My family was in my room, but they were no help due to their own shock. I needed someone who was going to step in and be my support and Zay did just that. She was there every step of the way explaining everything that was happening. She was there helping me push through the pain that I never thought I could get through. Only a mother understands the pain I’m talking about. I never pictured myself being a mother at nineteen and I had no clue what was in store, but Zay educated me throughout my pregnancy and helped me with my birth plan. She even helped me after birth, checking on me, helping me with breastfeeding and also reliving me for a few hours while she kept my daughter just so I could have some Me time and catch up on rest. She was not just my doula she was my friend. I could not and will not go through another pregnancy without her. Having a doula is a must in every pregnancy and I’m blessed to have mine. Thank You So Much Zay!!!


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