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It's time to come home to your inner wildness.

The wild one who...

Embodies her sensuality + sexuality.

Is in tune with her body's unique language.

works in harmony with her own rhythm and cycles.

 loves and accepts every inch of her being.

 tames her fears and stays in her power.  

Committed to experiencing joy + pleasure.

 knows who she is.

doesn't accept less than being fully expressed.


In this 3-hr workshop we will be awakening your inner wild woman through slow intentional movement and self-exploration to deepen your relationship with your body while creating a safe space to express your sensuality + sexuality so you leave feeling embodied, empowered, confident, sexy and free.

Birthing your

inner wild woman

Let's play!

Making it a dance date???

Bring a dance friend and save $22 each! 

Registration closes July 10!

Is this a Dance Date?
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Thanks for registering. I'm excited to dance with you!

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Please arrive 10 minutes before class so we can start on time. If you arrive 30 minutes late you will not be able to join the workshop. This is to minimize disruption and ensure quality instruction for all participants.

AND... so you get your money's worth!

No refunds! 


Thank you!

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